Spur Violins: The UK Preview…

I’ve been working with the Australian violin maker Paul Llewellyn Davis for quite a few years now on conceptualising his incredible semi-acoustic violins. His story goes back decades further to a conversation with Stephané Grapelli about the characteristics he was looking for in a violin for use on stage that gave a true violin sound with the benefits of a pickup. Over the years Paul has been making bespoke instruments, and now I finally have my hands on one of his production prototypes. I’m hoping to see instruments coming into the UK in limited numbers sometime in 2019 as well as violas and cellos. If you are interested, email me to be put on a waiting list… violins@hebberts.com

In the meantime, whilst Paul was visiting the UK, I asked Peter Sheppard Skaerved to take the prototype for a test-drive. The results speak for themselves. It only remains for me to add that if you want a good clean classic violin sound, these do that brilliantly as well.

Turn up the volume and sit back. www.spurviolins.com (website in development)

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