Three Memes (apologies to viola players)

Back in 2012 when memes suddenly appeared, I was in between violin dealing and a period of messing around with my perpetual doctorate. Three things seemed to sum up my life at the time. My work in the library, my developing expertise as a violin expert, and my newfound love of the viola. So I contributed something to the Memeosphere. Here they are.

Every so often I discover that completely unknown people are bouncing them around facebook, or have made their own based on these. Thank you – it warms my soul to know that my mischief has lived on after so many years. If you enjoy them, please share.


These aren’t ordinary memes, I worked incredibly hard to find the best historic photograph to capture each emotion. My one on the music doctorate gives me a special degree of pride. The final photo however was randomly picked from the internet so that I couldn’t be accused of pranking one of my peers, but proved so convincing that several prominent Oxford University academics messaged me, paranoid that it was them. I on the other hand felt is was faintly autobiographical.


As for the viola, I love it to bits… but sometimes doing something totally wrong feels totally right.


Keep sharing the love.

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