140410_THP9988Benjamin Hebbert is a violin dealer, expert, lecturer and writer. His blog is about the life of a violin dealer and his passion for violins that sound beautiful and tell an amazing story too. In his spare time he is a plays amongst the many excellent amateur orchestras in London, and has been chairman of the British Violin Makers Association since 2016.

Benjamin’s “consulting rooms” are located in the very centre of London at the historic Somerset House, If you have a violin, cello, viola or bow for sale, or would like to learn more about it, or you are looking to buy a new instrument, you can contact Benjamin at violins@hebberts.com

Benjamin frequently has to travel abroad in pursuit of fine violins, and he likes to give his clients undivided attention. As a result please get in touch with him first before planning a visit.

Visit his website www.hebberts.com


Benjamin Hebbert Violins Ltd
New Wing
Somerset House
London WC2R 1LA
0207 175 1644

somerset house   HebbertLtd logo



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